Souzy Manoliadi / Graphic Designer

Born in 1973 in Sydney, Australia and raised on the island of Samos, Suzy moved to Athens at the age of eighteen to commence her studies in graphic design at AKTO.
Suzy has worked for the newspaper “Nea Mesimvrini”, editing the Features and has also held the position of Art Director for “Isotimia” newspaper. Later, and for five years, she held the position of Graphic Designer for ERT TV channel. Concurrent to the above, she worked for Mr. George M. Chatzisteriou special design office where she completed the issues for "Synergon" and "A Trembling Earth" which analyzed building sets. Furthermore she designed the cover for the book “Masquerade Ball”.
Suzy has attended seminars for Web Design at AKTO as well as seminars on wordpress at the University of Piraeus.
Currently she designs book covers, logos and corporate identities while paginating the printed material for Blue sky TV channel. In her spare time she enjoys playing volleyball.


Alexia Othonaiou / Illustrator

Alexia Othonaiou paints, illustrates books, and makes comics. She studied Fine Art in the University for the Creative Arts (BA degree) and Illustration & Animation in Kingston University London (MA) and she received First-class Honours degrees in both her BA and MA studies. Since 2004 her comics and illustrations are being published in Greek magazines and newspapers such as Unfollow magazine, EFSYN, Diavazo (Διαβάζω) magazine, Athens Voice, Grand Guignol, Para Pente (Παρά Πέντε) and more. Her comics “Dracula MGD”, “Dracula MGH”, “Night of Falling Skies” (Τσακισμένη Αυγή) and “Bleeding Hearts” have been published by Jemma Press. Alexia also illustrates children's books and participates in exhibitions in Greece and in Europe.

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Tony Mozer / Translator

He is a professional translator. He is permanently cooperating with George Chatzigeorgiou.

Sofia Papastrati / Photographer

She is a professional photographer. She cooperates with many magazines.