4 July 2016

Masquerade Ball / Athens

A writer is caught up in the vortex of a masquerade ball. There is much excitement: all adults would like to play around with mystery, to feel like Alice in Wonderland for a while. There is also danger: disguise is always a game of boundaries, and those who use it may get confused, […]
24 June 2015

The wolf or the granny? Who’s threatening little red riding hood? / Athens

The fashion designer Yannis Tseklenis, the architect Konstantina Theodorou, the movies critic Iphigenia Kallantzi and the intellectual Erifili Maroniti discuss with G. M. Chatzistergiou his books concerning the crisis (“Do you have any wealty left?”, “A trembling Earth!”, “Exodus”).
8 May 2015

“EXODUS” a contemporary fairy tale for adults / Great Hall, Hellenic Centre, London

Dimitris Papanikolaou, Associate Professor of Modern Greek Studies, University of Oxford, and Antonio Guerreiro, Portuguese intellectual currently living in London, discuss with the author the harsh social, political and economic developments which unfold in Europe and follow through the book the struggle of individuals, groups or whole societies who strive […]
19 March 2012

EXODUS / National Research Foundation, Athens

A discussion on the book : Erifili Maroniti, intellectual and Grigoris Maniadakis, psychiatrist, discuss the book with the author
19 April 2010

A trembling Earth! / National Research Foundation, Athens

A discussion on the book : Theodosis P. Tasios, Professor NTU, Nikos Kalogeras, Professor NTU and Vasilis Kremmidas, Professor University of Athens, discuss the book with the author.