21 February 2017

Notes on the limitations of applied Autonomy under the conditions of current global affairs

“Autonomia” is surely a theoretical concept with many connotations, i.e. the right or the state of self-government, the freedom to determine one’s own actions and behaviour and is commonly perceived as positive. However, our collective human experience indicates that a concept can be applied in a perverse way when used […]
21 March 2014

A new dystopia for our societies?

In a time of tough austerity measures and bailout packages in European states —with Greece at the forefront of such unprecedented developments— urban ecosystems are changing dramatically, although governments will not admit it: from the open cities of a consumer society and an informal social contract, the gradual descent towards […]
15 February 2014

Exterminating Angel

A full-page article in the Financial Times (30.4.13), written as the chronicle of an imminent social disaster, foretells the mass evictions of thousands of Irish people from their homes. The article’s extensive technical details (charts, percentages of unserviced loans, etc.) make it look like a weather forecast about the inexorable […]
1 August 2013

Cities in crisis

A few years after the global banking crisis of 2008, a book called A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain was published in Britain. At a time when all we hear is that we should forget the post-war social model in Europe, the author Owen Hatherley tours Britain […]
20 April 2010

Is there life after death for cities?

According to reports in the international press, for several months before the war in Iraq Baghdad experienced an unprecedented boom in its real estate market. The reason behind this investing activity is supposed to have been the expectations for better growth prospects after the war.